Kori Denise Robinson is a creative living in Queens, New York with her two children and fur baby. Growing up, her favorite escape from the world was through a book and even today she still finds comfort in hours of flipping through black and white pages.

She never considered herself an author, however, her first book, Ketoification: Navigating the Keto Lifestyle, was born through her passion to share her life experiences and use her personal knowledge to help others who suffered from poor health and obesity.

All the Emotions: A self-guided, thought provoking, healing experience, was created with that same passion of turning pain into purpose. During an unexpected breakdown of her marriage, Kori practiced journaling as a form of self-healing and personal transformation. Her hope is that this journal serves as an outlet for reflection, growth, and living your best authentic life.

Outside the world of writing, Kori advocates for disinvested communities and youth development through her nonprofit career and volunteer work. Kori earned her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Studies and Psychology from The Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and her master’s degree in Administration of Justice and Administration and Security from the University of Phoenix.


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All the Emotions:

A Self guided, thought provoking, healing experience


Navigating the Keto Lifestyle Like a Pro

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